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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: [OSGi] Configuration Admin Service
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:31:13 GMT
John E. Conlon wrote:
> Currently I am using ApacheDS and 'typical' LDAP schemas to persist my
> business objects. These objects are Locations (objectClass=locality), 
> People (objectClass=person), and mobile Devices (objectClass=device). 
> On startup my application uses a JNDI DirContext to search a directory
> at a specified base for all the above objectClasses that also contain a
> labeledURI attribute and load my business model.
> Am looking to move away from the JNDI dependence to the ApacheDS based
> OSGi Configuration Admin service. 
> Will I be able to continue to use these business 'typical' LDAP schema
> objectClasses and search filters with the ApacheDS/OSGi Configuration
> Admin Service to search, load and persist my business objects?

Hi, John,

I'm just getting to your question after an extended stay in CA for 

At first glance your use case doesn't look like it fits with Config 
Admin.  Config Admin is not for generic business object operations. 
Rather, the typical Config Admin use case is design to "inject" 
configuration information into components.  The common use in ApacheDS 
is to store what are now properties in the Spring XML as attributes in 
schema for the protocol providers.  For example, an IP port for Kerberos 
to listen on can be stored as attribute ipPort=88.  When a factory for 
Kerberos servers is started, the factory identifies itself to the Config 
Admin service, which in turn tells the Kerberos factory what ports to 
listen on.  Changes to the stored port in the DIT generate events via 
the JNDI EventDirContext which the Config Admin service is listening to, 
and the Config Admin service tells the Kerberos factory to destroy 
and/or create instances of the Kerberos service.


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