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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [MINA] which MINA version?
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 18:40:12 GMT
Thomas Corte wrote:

Hi Thomas,

> from the versioning remarks on the MINA web pages and FAQ, I 
> understand that 0.8.1 is the most recent stable release, while 0.9 is 
> still considered unstable, while adding lots of features and an API 
> change regarding 0.8.x.

Well there is a 0.8.2 that is out or coming out in days or even hours 
and you might want to use that if you stick to the 0.8 branch.

> So what should I use for a new MINA based project that requires a 
> somewhat stable framework? 

 From my use of 0.9 I think it's very stable.  It's a minor release 
branch which means its for new features and may introduce API changes.  
However the changes are not that difficult to keep up with if they even 
require alterations to your code.

> Usually 0.8 of course, but could this mean that I'd have to do a lot 
> of API adaptations if I wanted to switch to newer version of MINA 
> later? And if yes, is the amount of instability that's coming with 0.9 
> acceptable?

I think it depends on when you want to release your product which uses 
MINA.  If it's in a few months you might want to stick to 0.9.  I 
personally feel very comfortable with MINA feature branches and ApacheDS 
moves with MINA head most of the time.

Hope this helps,

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