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From Colin Cullen <>
Subject MINA
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 17:42:11 GMT
Hi All,

Thanks for such a great product in MINA.  I have been working extensively with 0.8 and I am
very close to finishing a server with a semi-complex protocol.  This server is destined for
production and I am releived that I have encountered very few problems (really none) regarding
MINA.  A good understanding of the MINA code base is necessary when working with some of the
more advanced features.

My problem:

I am using both DemuxingProtocolCodecFactory and DemuxingProtocolHandler to good effect (thank
you!).  What I would like to do is to define a default decoder for inbound messages, to handle
inappropriate message types, allowing processig of these types to fit nicely into the design
(maybe I am just missing it).  I am currently extending DemuxingProtocolCodecFactory and registering
my codecs there, I have a decoder and handler for each 'valid' inbound msg type which I want
to handle.  Any suggestions for registering a default msg type decoder.  I looked into overriding
public class DemuxingProtocolCodecFactory implements ProtocolCodecFactory
    private class ProtocolDecoderImpl extends CumulativeProtocolDecoder
        protected boolean doDecode( ProtocolSession session, ByteBuffer in,
                                    ProtocolDecoderOutput out) throws ProtocolViolationException

...but, ProtocolDecoderImpl is private, and this seems to the wrong way to accomplish the

Although I have gotten my feet pretty wet, I am still a newbie with MINA.  I would appreciate
any suggestions for my problem.

Having a great time working with MINA (except for my deadline, which would have been impossible
to make without MINA).


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