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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Bi-weekly report #2
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 22:49:16 GMT
Hi all !

This is report #2, just in time for Xmas ┬░<:^)>

1) News

* Last week was ApacheCon USA, where our friends Alex, Enrique and
Trustin has done a good job.

 - Geronimo embed Apache Directory Server ! (guys, this
news scared me a lot when I knew it was a old version of ADS ;)
 - good report from brian McCallister :

* MINA 0.8.2 has been voted. Trustin will release it soon ! (Note : it's
a bug-fix release. The current version is 0.9.0)

* Alex is having two weeks off, after 3 years of hard work ! His wife
want him to dump the 2000 empty pizza boxes, the 6 000 empty coca cans,
the 1 cube feet of cigaret hash he has in the livig room ;)

2) Roadmap milestones

Nothing real new here. We are still in the move of cleaning some
dependencies (like StringUtils and StringTools), but nothing serious.

We had a real bad experience last week fighting with the build system we
have, trying to help Jeff Lansing, Ersin and me. We don't have any
explanation why it finally worked, after Jeff cleaned all its working
repository, Maven cache, plugins, switched to Linux, formated it's hard
disk, changed his computer, light some candles and sacrified a
chicken, ... Solutions are to be found, be it a switch to m2 or anything
else that help people !!!

3) Bugs

Ok, last week, I said we had 182 open bugs. That was not very accurate,
because I mixed bugs and improvments.

Two filters has been created for ADS :
bugs :
improvments :

We have 24 bugs and 165 improvments

We have one less blocker than 2 weeks ago :
DIRLDAP-74 has been knocked of. It's not anymore a blocker, it's an
improvment. The problem was that a index was missing, leading to a very
long starting time.

We still have the three following blockers :
DIRLDAP-73 : Heavy modification are on their way...
DIREVE-310 : Status not changed since last time
DIRSNICKERS-117 : This was DIRLDAP-60, which has been moved to the
correct Jira container.

4) Work in progress (Please fill the gaps ;)

Alex : not at work :) Hollidays !

Trustin : Mina 0.8.2, some bug fixing

Nicklas : Bug fixing in MINA

Stefan : Some doco (that's cool ! We need doco a lot)

Ersin : Troubleshooting the build system, helped Jeff Lansing to have a
working ADS from the trunk

Enrique : I'd like moving to M2 to be a prerequisite for moving to OSGi,
I'd like to use the Felix M2 Plugin to build bundles using the Maven 2 
lifecycle and 'osgi-bundle' packaging type.  So, I'll likely work on 
adding POM's to the directory-standalone OSGi bundles. 
Whole lot of doco has been done in preparation for his ApacheCon talk,
and will be put online soon (Kerberos/SSA and OSGi/ApacheDS)

Emmanuel : DN refactoring. What a mess ;)

Phil : Nothing special those last two weeks.

Vince : Updated Wiki with much needed information on AuthX.
Development of 0.4 will resume after Xmas holidays

5) Miscelleanous

XMas in 5 days. I hope that Santa-Claus does use ApacheDS to store all
the children addresses !

May I suggest that you have a look at, and
give a feedback about it? I think that the code base is close to this
standard, but I want to be sure that this standard is up to date :) (For
instance : what about version number in the header)

Ok, next report in two weeks !

Enjoy your Xmas for those for which it's a special occasion (eh eh eh,
we are a multi-cultural team ;)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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