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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject ADS : bi-weekly report #1
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 10:19:32 GMT
Report #1

Hi everybody !

This is our first bi-weekly report. We will try to have them until the
1.0 is released.

1) News

 - We are entering the last week before ApacheCON 2005, so we may
experience some slow down of the work being done on the project.
Preparing prez is quite demanding (I can tell !). For the three of us
working on those prez, we are supporting you great effort !

 - Welcome to Niklas Therning, our brand new committer on MINA project !

2) Roadmap milestones

 * A discussion has started about a reorganization of the project's
structure. This is not urgent, but it could be cool if we can close this
discussion in the following weeks, in order to avoid doing it two days
before the 1.0 release ;)
 * We also have to migrate to MAVEN 2. May be Mina can be a
perfect target to be the first subproject to do so ( it does not depend
on any other projects). 
 * Osgi is on the roadmap, we are waiting for Enrique "go".
 * Bugs, bugs, bugs... 

3) Bugs

 We have currently 182 open bugs, across all the projects. That's good,
because it means that people are using ADS. But it's a huge number of
bugs too...

 Here are the stats for majors, critical and blockers (115):
 DIR            2  (Should be merged with DirServer)
 DirSnickers    6  (should be renamed to DirAsn1)
 DirJanus       5  (should be renamed to DirAuthx)
 DirChangePw    2
 DirDHCP        3
 DirDNS         16
 DirKerberos    9
 DirLdap        13, (1 critical, 3 blockers)
 DirMina        14
 DirNaming      2
 DirNTP         0 !!
 DirEve         37, (1 blocker) (should be renamed to DirServer)
 DirSiteDocs    6

 Here are the stats for minor and trivials (67):
 DIR            4
 DirSnickers    5
 DirJanus       0
 DirChangePw    0
 DirDHCP        0
 DirDNS         2
 DirKerberos    12
 DirLdap        9
 DirMina        8
 DirNaming      0
 DirNTP         0
 DirEve         26
 DirSiteDocs    1

 Could be cool to extract those data with a script, and draw a graph
with them (like the debian bugs report :

 We have 4 blockers : 
  - DIRLDAP-74 : this is a major one. The server still works, but if
loaded with thousand of users, it takes a while to start. Not under
  - DIRLDAP-73 : Really a big one. The DN are stored in the DB using the
Name of attributes, not their OID. Thus, searching for commonName
instead of cn does not return a result. Being investigated (Emmanuel).
  - DIRLDAP-60 : This is pretty much a blocker for Twix, not for the
server. Being investigated (Emmanuel)
  - DIREVE-310 : Should it be a blocker? May be. A user that will
experience this kind of problem could perfectly drop ADS in favor of
other servers like OpenLdap or FDS. Not investigated

 To be done : 
 * try to find a way to rename the JIRA Keys (Jeff Turner ?)
 * Jason has done some work on JIRA querying. We should follow this

4) Work in progress

(Please fill the gaps !)

 Alex : ApacheCon 2005 prez ! And will have some hollidays in december.
He desserved it !

 Brett : Maven 1 to Maven 2 switching is to be experienced.

 Emmanuel : Investigating DIRLDAP-73, and other few bugs. Mainly doing
maintenance actually. Try to feed ADS with Vsldap data, in order to play
the first tests.

 Enrique : ApacheCon 2005 prez ! Otherwise, DIT-based configuration, KDC
Discovery with Windows 2003, and trust relationships using Kerberos.
Doco the dynamic service config for the protocol providers and the
catalog system for DNS zones and Kerberos realms. Moving sub-handler
chain support from protocol-common to MINA

 Ersin : Working on Stroed Procedure. Things are going well, as far as I
can see.

 Phil : Working on examples and completing doc updates so that naming
0.9 can be released.  Also playing with RMI and [mina] approaches to
allowing remote access to [naming]-backed JNDI 

 Stefan : Tests, Hashed passwords for authentication. 

 Trustin : ApacheCon 2005 prez ! And, as usual, 10 commits a day, lot of
bug fixes, lot of user support, Trustin, it's better to have you with us
than against us :-)

 Vince : Works on AuthX : 0.4 is in the making. The JDBC code has been
reworked a little it and needs a little extra work. Next in the pipeline
is an Hibernate realm implementation.

5) Miscelleanous

 Well, Xmas is close now. Can we ask for a ADS without blockers? °<:-)

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