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From <>
Subject Re: [mina] develop a speed measurement
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 10:10:12 GMT
i think it so, but i think that theese performance statistics should be in the same place of
long getReadBytes();
    long getWrittenBytes();
    long getWrittenWriteRequests();
    int getScheduledWriteRequests();
    long getCreationTime();
    long getLastIoTime();
    long getLastReadTime();
    long getLastWriteTime();
and maybe some others that now is in the IoSession, for three reason:
-> they are statistics too
-> many statistics use the same datas than that methods.

So I'd like to put statistics & that methods all in one single IoFilter.
There is some specific reason because that methods were defined in the IoSession interface?
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  From: Trustin Lee 
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  Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2005 6:22 AM
  Subject: Re: [mina] develop a speed measurement

  Hi Fedechicco,

  2005/12/10, Fedechicco <>:
    Hi all (sorry my english) I need in mina a speed measurement for socket connection, and
I'm developing it (i created a Dashboard interface and a BaseIoSessionDashboarded that extends
BaseIoSession, adding the yet implemented measurement methods.)

    Maybe that will be usefull also for you, tell me if that interests you.

    (very good work with mina, compliments)

  Thank you for your interest in MINA.  We want to deliver an implementation of IoFilter which
monitors all performance statistics in runtime including transfer speed.  I think it's better
than putting all data into IoSession.  WDYT? 


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