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From "Jeff Lansing" <>
Subject RE: [ApacheDS] checkout problem
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 18:30:07 GMT

> Now what I'm doing is:
> $ wget
> $ jar -xf asn1-codec-0.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
> $ javap org.apache.asn1.codec.util.StringUtils
> As you see there is a method "public static java.lang.String
> utf8ToString(byte[]);".
> And also, after a successful build of apacheds/trunk I do this:
> $ cd $HOME/.maven/repository/directory-asn1/jars
> javap -classpath asn1-codec-0.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
> org.apache.asn1.codec.util.StringUtils
> and the output is again the same:
> What happens when you follow a procedure like above?

When I follow the above procedure it works. The utf8ToString method is there
both before and after the build, which now completes sucessfully.

For me the question is *why* is the build successful in this case, and not

I try deleting the class files that were left around by the above procedure.
It still builds ok.
Then I try deleting the asn1 codec jar from the repository, that came from
the 'wget' step above. It still builds ok. 
Then I try deleting the entire maven repository and recreating it.
(install_repo.bat C:\Documents and Settings\jlansing.XTCF\.maven\repository)
The build is still successful. So I conclude that it has nothing to do with
the above procedure.

Now I delete the entire directory tree and do a fresh checkout. I also
delete the .maven/repository again and recreate it. And then do a build.
Still successful.

So the outcome is that things that absolutely failed yesterday are
successful today.

There is no way for me to know what has changed, but I am fairly confident
that asn1-codec-0.3.4-SNAPSHOT.jar is now different. Maybe somebody has
changed it. Or, I know that in the past Apache had two versions of cvs, one
for developers and one for the general public, with a one-day delay in
moving changes from one to the other. Maybe something like that has happened


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