Thank you Juilien!  I've added your testimonial to our web site.  It will be online in a couple of hours.


2005/11/2, Julien Vermillard <>:
There the testimonial. I hope there isn't a lot of typo, excese my french :o)

I'm using MINA for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
embedded application. It's used for several task : connecting
supervision clients to the server, interaction of the server with
different hardware (other SCADA systems, media stream matrix,
programmable automaton, remote data aquisition systems), custom
replication protocols for fail-over service. I found MINA when I
started implementation using NIO and it was a great time saver. You
can switch from RS232 to TCP/IP and add SSL connectivity easly. The
stability and the support is really great. The code and the design are
simple and efficient, you can easly implement high quality protocol
logic without bothering with all the NIO quirks. I didn't really
tested the maximum performance you can get out of MINA but all I can
say is that MINA is running 24/7 with an amazing stability and I'm not
afraid of using it in harsh evironement.

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