Hi Alex,

2005/11/2, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net>:
Robb Penoyer was using this a while back (10 years ago in C) when I
asked why he does not just use i,j,k and instead uses ii,jj,kk instead.
I was just curious.  He said that he can search and find these variables
more easily in loops and he was right.  I found this helpful several
times so I adopted the convention.  It does not hurt readability and
allows me to search for loop variables easily since not every word
contains ii, jj, or kk.  If everyone likes it we can use this as a
convention.  We need to start solidifying a coding convention for the
entire TLP.

We can still find all occurring of a variable by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+G after placeing a cursor under a variable. :)

I think much more important than this loop variable example is to get
everyone to use 4 spaces for tabs instead of tabs which messes up SVN.
That should be law IMO.  Many people have adjusted their editors to fix
this issue in Java but I still see this problem all over in XML and
properties files.

Yes, I absolutely agree with you about using 4 spaces for tab.  And 2 spaces for tab in XML files, right?  It would be great if you have any good XML editor for Eclipse that I can configure 2 spaces for tab only for XML files.

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