OK, I'll. :)


2005/11/2, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net>:
While I'm at it ...

I'm embarrassed to say this is an old style I used in the past as a
C-coder before there were nice IDEs.  I used to use emacs (not Xemacs
which is for kids :-)) most of the time to edit my code in xterms so I
did not see declarations and the prefix helped understand the scope of
the variables.

Those days are long gone and I have not used this convention in years.
The code that contains these variable prefixes must have been written 3+
years ago.  With modern IDEs there is no need to prefix these variables
any longer.  If you see this usage please feel free to whipe it out, but
please do make sure assignments are ok.  Do not just mass remove l_, m_
but make sure you use 'this.' to replace m_.


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