Hi Lyndon,

2005/11/2, Lyndon Washington <lyndon.washington@gmail.com>:
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have already tried that, and it fails to pass in my configuration object because as I stated earlier, the "DefaultContextPartitionNexus.addContextPartition() creates a new MutableContextPartitionConfiguration" rather than using the configuration that was instantiated based on the properties file.

I have also tried altering one of the JUnit test cases and adding the configuration to a Hashtable and passing that to a JNDI context intitialization . . . no joy there either.

Here is the offending code, IMHO, which shows that the config that is passed in is not the one that is ultimately passed to 'partition.init()':

Yes, you're right.  ApacheDS internally copies it to MutableContextPartitionConfiguration before calling init().  For now you'll have to provide a getter/setter to your DirectoryPartition implementation.

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