I have taken a look at as much wiki and website docs on the subject of custom context partitions, but I am still running into a limitation.

I have added my own CustomPartiton which extends AbstractContextPartition.  I have some configuration settings specific to my partition, so I have also created a new ContextPartitionConfiguration which extends MutableContextPartitionConfiguration.

Unfortunately, in my CustomPartition.doInit() method I attempt to test if the configuration that is returned from AbstractContextPartition.getConfiguration() is an instance of my new configuration, and if it is I want to use the new configuration settings to configure the custom partition.  The implementation within DefaultContextPartitionNexus.addContextPartition() creates a new MutableContextPartitionConfiguration and copies the known values from the config that was passed into that method, thus by the time my code is called it is never an instance of my new configuration class.

Is this done to alleviate some known issue, or is it just an oversight.  If it is an oversight, I can fix my local sandbox with a 'short sighted' implementation.  If this is deliberately implemented this way, how are you supposed to use a new type of ContextPartitionConfiguration?

Any help would be most appreicated.