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From Pablo Pita Leira <>
Subject problem with the tennis example
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 20:42:42 GMT

I am learning how Mina works, as it may be useful for my project. It seems
very interesting. 

So I have been trying a few of the examples to know more about MINA. I have
seen something strange for Tennis :  

$ java -classpath 'slf4j-simple-1.0-beta9.jar:mina-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar'
Player-1: READY
Player-0: READY
Player-1: SENT PING (3)
Player-0: RCVD PING (3)
Player-1: RCVD PONG (2)
Player-0: SENT PONG (2)
Player-1: SENT PING (1)
Player-0: RCVD PING (1)
Player-0: LOSE

Here, the thread does not terminate if the TennisBall gets an odd value (I
wrote 3 in the code instead of 10). For event numbers, the thread
terminates. I am running a self compiled MINA from the latest trunk in

Please see if you can reproduce and if it shows a bug.

Pablo Pita Leira

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