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Subject Re: WARN Message Suppression... AGAIN
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:40:23 GMT

Sorry, still having problems.

I have set the environment as per the groups recommendations and still get
the warning.

I dump the environment just after calling new InitialDirContext( env ) -
see below

As you see, it's in the env but the MessageDecoder isn't seeing it.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main) Directory Environment:
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main),ou=system
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
12:30:35,031 DEBUG [DirectoryService](main)
java.naming.ldap.attributes.binary:photo personalSignature audio jpegPhoto
javaSerializedData userPassword userCertificate cACertificate
authorityRevocationList certificateRevocationList crossCertificatePair
x500UniqueIdentifier krb5Key
12:30:35,031 INFO  [DirectoryService](main) Started
12:31:58,640 WARN  [MessageDecoder](IoThreadPool-2) Could not find
java.naming.ldap.attributes.binary key in environment.  Using empty set for


12 November 2005 17:56
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
From: Alex Karasulu <>
Subject: Re: WARN Message Suppression wrote:

>Can someone point me at some documentation/code that will enable me to set
>the required property and suppress this WARN message:
>      jvm 1    | 17:22:29,593 WARN  [MessageDecoder](IoThreadPool-2) Could
>not find java.naming.ldap.attributes.binary key in environment.  Using
>empty set for binaries.
You can set values for this property in the server.xml or in the
environment of the InitialContext if you're not using the server.xml.
Check the JNDI doco for how to set this.

You can suppress this also via your logging configuration.  Just set the
log level for the class to ERROR.  Like so:



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