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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [mina] Using Maven multiproject (Was: Using Ant + Forrest like Tapestry team does)
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 03:41:21 GMT
On 11/17/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> > all can be done with the assembly plugin (descriptorId
> > jar-with-dependencies) - an example is maven-artifact-ant in the maven
> > repository.
> I know the assembly plugin, but why should I specify assembly descriptor
> file name when I run maven and not just 'jar'?  Am I missing something here?

Sorry, I didn't explain it well. The normal package goal will build
all the jars you want except for the -all JAR. There is a goal in the
assembly plugin that takes all the others and build the -all JAR (and
at the same time, runs the first process so it is the only goal
needed). Is that clearer?

So everything is just a normal JAR, and you add an extra plugin at the
top level to build the -all one.

> > Also the assembly plugin -the default should suite (descriptorId of
> > bin and src respectively).
> I still have to specify descriptorId.  It should be as simple as 'mvn dist'.

There's an open bug in JIRA already to allow multiples at once, and
we'll make src + bin the defaults.

> So aggregation is not supported yet, and we'll need it soon.

Yes, I've pushed it up the priority list.


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