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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [mina] Realization question
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:37:00 GMT
Hi Chris,

2005/11/17, <>:
> I take notice of mina today. I think it's a very very useful and modern
> framework. Before I study mina any further I like to know if my project
> could be realized with it:

Thank you. Any feedbacks are welcome. :)

Because of the UDP packet limitation I split the UDP data as follows to be
> able to send large messages with this protocol:
> UDP packet := [UDP header] [UDP data]
> UDP data := [MyHeader][MyData]
> MyHeader := [Flags][Fragment nr.][Message ID]
> So, with [MyHeader] it's possible to send many ([Message ID]) and large
> (reassembled with the help of the [Fragment nr.]) messages based on UDP.
> I implemented this protocol on application level within java 5.*. Now I
> think it would be much better to use mina to concrete this project. Do you
> think this all could be easily done and implemented by mina???

Yes of course. There is a ProtocolEncoder and ProtocolDecoder which can be
used to implement that kind of complex data structure.

How would you proceed?? What could be the first steps?

Please take a look at our examples. You're using UDP, so it will need some
modification, but I think the implementation will get simpler because you
don't need to take care of a message which is splitted into multiple

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