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From "Irving, Dave" <>
Subject RE: [jira] Commented: (DIRMINA-121) Per-port filter chain
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:01:57 GMT

> Ok, can someone explain to me, how can a filter propagate an event 
> asynchronously (I presume to all the sessions using it) without
> what those sessions are? How can a filter make one call in its cached
> and the message be received by ALL the sessions sharing that chain?

>I think we are in lala-land here. 

I think I've explained this a few times.
First we are not in lala-land. This is perfectly do-able. Except that
your example isn't quite the real use case: A filter would generate an
event for its associated session - not ** all ** sessions.
So, lets pretend we have this set up:

Acceptor:  ThreadPoolFilter
Port    :  SSL, AsyncFilter
Session :  MyFilterX

Logically, the session chain has "ThreadPoolFilter, SSL, MyFilterX".
At some point, AsyncFilter wants to generate an asyncronous event. What
Well, remember that an event is always associated with a Session.
Sessions have attributes.
An attribute can specify the logical filter flow for the session (i.e,
the order in which filters should currently be used for the session).
So, first, the "real" NextFilters installed to a filter are
smart-proxies which delegate out to the correct session flow for the
session by looking up the flow as an attribute: Lets call this a
This SessionChainView keeps the order of chains for a session, and
manages "logical" re-ordering.

Its actually quite simple (we have smart proxies today:
AbstractIoFilter.Entry.NextFilter) - this just takes it one step furher.

Hopefully we'll now be able to agree that we are not in "la-la land" and
that this is actually do-able without impating user experience at all.


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