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From "Irving, Dave" <>
Subject RE: [jira] Commented: (DIRMINA-121) Per-port filter chain
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:31:32 GMT
 >  IoFilter implementations should remember the parent session (or
session manager) so that it's OK even if  
>  init and destroy is invoked many times and thus shared by many
sessions.  Please take a look at  
>  ThreadPoolFilter.init() and destroy() for example. And we cannot
simply call init() once because some filters  
>  will want it to be invoked as many times as it is added.

 >  So I think that isn't a problem. WDYT? 

I agree - I think its possible for filters to still dispatch events to a
target chain if required. The only issue is that it pushes more work in
to every filter implementation which wants to do async dispatching of
Each (user) implementation would have to maintain its own knowledge of
parent -> NextFilter. Its no big deal - but its just a step up in
complexity for the user.
The smart-NextFilter way means the user doesn't have to do this as the
framework manages the mapping on the behalf of the user.
Any time a filter wants to generate an event, it just fires it to the
So the only difference between the two approaches is "who does the
work": The user or the framework.

>  The smart NextFilter is a great idea, but if we can solve this issue
simply, then I think it's OK for now.   
> We're still in unstable branch, so we can change/improve it.  What
about waiting for some user feedback?   

>  But I think the choice is good basically.  So If you're implementing
either, then we could try both and choose one.   
>  Though I think the simpler thing is the better in general. :)

Cool. Here's what I'll do then.... I'll start out implementing the
"smart-NextFilter" approach this evening after work. If it starts
looking like its going to be complex or hard to maintain, I'll drop it
for now and go the easier route.
How does that sound?
> Cheers,
>  Trustin 

P.s, I really appreciate all the time youself, Niklas and Jose have
spent providing feedback on all this....

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