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From "Irving, Dave" <>
Subject RE: [mina] Refactoring MINA IoFilterChain (Was: IoFilters: DIRMINA-121 / 122)
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:49:33 GMT
> So, there is no way for me to impose a Blacklist filter specific to a
handler before I do SSL 
> and all other stuff someone else has configured already at port level?

Every filter has the ability to know what handler a filter invocation
applies to if it really needs to (Each filter method is given a
IoSession. Then there is IoSession#getHandler).

> Session level filters should only be used in very specific cases
related to the actual session you are working with. 
> Hence, lazy copying will be reduced to a minimum.

So presumably your blacklist filter would be at the port (or even
session manager) level - in which case you would configure it to come
before SSL.

Could you explain the problem further as Im not understanding how the
proposed chains wouldn't work for your example.


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