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From Shay Banon <>
Subject [mina] Create a client and server implementation
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 21:21:03 GMT

    I wish to use mina in order to create both a server and a client. I 
have problems with the client part, basically, the client connects to 
the server (has a session), and within the session executes several 
operations, which are synchronous (i.e. send a message, and wait for a 
reply). The server, has the corresponding session, receives the client 
operations, and sends back the response.

    I was thinking of using my own codec to define the operations and 
the data (similar to the sumup example). The server side will probably 
be similar to the sumup example as well. I have several questions:

1. Can I use the mina concept of a session (using the session handler) 
to maintain the my session? I am guessing that the client and server 
have the same session in mina.
2. How can I program the client code to be operation based and 
synchronous (similar to RMI)? On the server side, I can process the 
operation in the messageReceived, and send the respond in it (similar to 
the sumup server), but I do not know how to do that in the client.

Thanks for your help.

Shay Banon

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