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From Tony Blanchard <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Problem with admin password at first launch...
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 19:37:36 GMT
I found a part of the problem but i can not really figure if it is a bug 
or if I am too tired to be intelligent...

Is it normal using a thing like
    ctx.modifyAttributes("uid=admin",ctx.REPLACE_ATTRIBUTE, attrs);
with attrs containing "pass" like this :
    Attribute pass = new BasicAttribute("userPassword", "newPass");
 throws an exception from the AuthenticationService after having done 
the modification and executing the assertHasEntry of the 
ExceptionService calling itself again authenticate on 
AuthenticationService .

It seems the REPLACE_ATTRIBUTE with only one attribute in it remove all 
other attributes on the entry and the assertion does not fail on entry 
non existance but on the authentication ... Do I miss something ?
I understodd in the sun doc that replacing attributes worked on 
attribute(s) wich were given with their values and not on the others... 
Am I wrong?

Finally I removed the old password attribute and add the new one and it 

"String[] searchedAttrs = new String [1];
searchedAttrs [0]="userPassword";
existingAttrs = ctx.getAttributes("uid=admin",searchedAttributes);
ctx.modifyAttributes("uid=admin",ctx.REMOVE_ATTRIBUTE, existingAttrs );

attrs = new BasicAttributes(true);
attrs.put(new BasicAttribute("userPassword", newPass));
ctx.modifyAttributes("uid=admin",ctx.ADD_ATTRIBUTE, attrs );"

So is it a bug or a mistake from me ?
Thanks for help.
Tony Blanchard

Tony Blanchard wrote:

> Hello to the list.
> After a long time without looking to the ApacheDS list, I decided to 
> upgrade my 9.1 version of the server to the 9.4.
> Unfortunately I got problems with admin password. I look to the 
> archives of this list and saw there has been modifications on it.
> My problem is this one :
> Initially I had an installation process which took a template of the 
> xml configuration file and which filled it with the values entered by 
> the installation user.
> Then it launched a windows service process which encapsulates the 
> start of the autonome server.
> After that it populated the server with values I wanted.
> I changed things to start with a temporary conf file containing 
> default password "secret".
> Then I connected the admin with "secret" password, programatically 
> changed the "userPassword" attribute to the user value, and 
> programatically changed the conf file to contain the new value.
> But doing this, the server stops with an authentication failure and 
> the service stops. I have tried a lot of sequences for those 
> operations but nothing seems to work...
> Is there a known sequence of things to do to keep alive the autonome 
> server  while changing pasword both in ldap backend and in conf file ?
> Thanks,
> Tony Blanchard

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