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From Tony Blanchard <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Problem with admin password at first launch...
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:06:15 GMT
Hello to the list.

After a long time without looking to the ApacheDS list, I decided to 
upgrade my 9.1 version of the server to the 9.4.
Unfortunately I got problems with admin password. I look to the archives 
of this list and saw there has been modifications on it.

My problem is this one :
Initially I had an installation process which took a template of the xml 
configuration file and which filled it with the values entered by the 
installation user.
Then it launched a windows service process which encapsulates the start 
of the autonome server.
After that it populated the server with values I wanted.

I changed things to start with a temporary conf file containing default 
password "secret".
Then I connected the admin with "secret" password, programatically 
changed the "userPassword" attribute to the user value, and 
programatically changed the conf file to contain the new value.
But doing this, the server stops with an authentication failure and the 
service stops. I have tried a lot of sequences for those operations but 
nothing seems to work...

Is there a known sequence of things to do to keep alive the autonome 
server  while changing pasword both in ldap backend and in conf file ?
Tony Blanchard

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