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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject Re: Yall need your own list
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 02:38:24 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

> I know that you mentioned commons umbrella just 'for example', but I'd 
> like to talk about the vision of MINA project a little bit here.
> MINA is just a network application framework for now, but I don't 
> think it will be forever.  My aim is to make MINA a full featured 
> network application platform which features:
> [...]
> So going under commons umbrella is like moving to another Directory 
> project IMHO because MINA won't fit well with commons eventually.

I agree, 'commons' is maybe not the best example..'Jakarta' probably is 
more suited to what I meant.

My point was simply to say that it needs to be more apparent that MINA 
is not really related to Directory but is a *real* project on its own, 
like if you go to the Apache web page, user can see it listed without 
needing to go to directory.

At the same time a TLP really is supposed to be for a very mature 
project and means that whatever happens the project can auto-feed itself 
which is very challenging and should remain like that.

For the records, originally, (Brett wasn't there yet but he can ask 
Jason for history :), Maven was under Turbine.
The beginning though, was a bit more ...hem...frantic, but if I remember 
well it started in with a [maven] tag in turbine mailing list in January 
or February 2002 (maybe even december 2001) and by April it had its own 
mailing list and was flooded by commits.

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