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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject Re: Yall need your own list
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 01:40:06 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Looks like the traffic is picking up on MINA and things are heating up 
> as we approach 1.0.  Initially my thought was to get a separate list 
> for MINA however I'm thinking it might be best to just see if we can 
> promote MINA to a TLP.  It has out grown its place in directory and 
> many projects will depend on it.  It makes sense to me to see it 
> acquire a life of its own.
> There's a good sized community brewing around MINA.  I'd like to see 
> more people come forth as committers then see if we can get a proposal 
> before the ASF board on budding off the MINA project.  IMHO this is 
> better than creating a separate mailing list.
> Right now it would be good to see who favorrs this?  Any comments or 
> for or against this idea?

I agree with Brett that a TLP might be a bit premature. If going out it 
would be fine to me under the commons umbrella for example.

Fact is that as of now, Trustin is to MINA what Brett is to Maven 
(without the situation to be really comparable due to past history), but 
to me this is the same, it is clear that without them, their respective 
project will fall to a more than noticeable halt and users will be left 
in the dark for some time until someone steps up.

But it would be better I think to have MINA mail traffic outside Directory.
And it's a first step for the project as well.

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