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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Change Password Provider: Java Client?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 04:37:18 GMT
Enrique Rodriguez wrote:

> Matthew J. Smith wrote:
>> Hello-
>>  I dug this email address ( out of the 
>> Change Password Provider source.  I was hoping you could answer a 
>> question for me: is there a Change Password Client implementation, 
>> written in Java?
> Not that we know of, though we've looked and we'd love to have one!
> There's a client for Linux called 'gnome-kerberos' that can do kpasswd 
> (in addition to regular kerberos).  I'm not sure if it's still under 
> development but you can get it off apt.
> $ apt-get install gnome-kerberos
>> Essentially, I am looking for a FOSS Java class implementing the 
>> equivalent of the standard kpasswd or kadmin tools, so that I can 
>> write a tomcat hosted web-based password change form for our MIT 
>> Kerberos Realm.  I was hoping to find such an implementation within 
>> the Change Password Provider, perhaps even as a unit test, but I have 
>> not.  If the Apache Software Foundation does not have such an 
>> implementation, I would be much appreciative if you could share any 
>> knowledge of non-Apache implementations.
> We test with gnome-kerberos and Windows Security.  But no Java client.

Also you better look into a client side applet for updating the password 
if you want to use a browser.  If you pass the password info through the 
web then you defeat the entire purpose for using changepw.  It's 
essentially insecure.


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