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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Using Eclipse for ApacheDS Building
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 22:04:04 GMT
Hi Lyndon,

Sorry about the turmoil.  Right now we're preparing the SVN structure of 
several projects used to build ApacheDS to support Maven 2.  As Enrique 
mentioned in other emails this is required to start using the Felix OSGi 
plugin so we can gear up for an ApacheDS release (0.9.4) based on OSGi.

There will be some pain to come in the trunks for a while.  Hopefully we 
can also find a better way to organize the repository's layout so users 
can easily import the project with all dependencies into their favorite 
IDE without much hassle.  Again this will create some more pain.

Perhaps the best thing to do at this point would be to work off of 
tagged releases like the 0.9.3 release of apacheds which uses 0.3.3 
ASN.1 tags, the 0.4 ntp tag, the 0.6 kerberos and changepw tags.  You 
can always just look inside the project.xml of ApacheDS main to see the 
different tagged dependencies. 

BTW any suggestions are welcome to help us better organize the repo so 
contributors and committers can easily work with it and in their IDE.  
At the present moment we're considering a flat project layout with a 
single trunk where projects use their package names (similar to Eclipse 
OSGi plugins/bundles).  A single command to generate Eclipse or IDEA 
project descriptors can then be used.  Then all projects can be imported 
into an IDE in one shot.


Lyndon Washington wrote:

> I just made the mistake of performing a svn update in the 
> apacheds/trunk folder and discovered the structure changes that were 
> checked in.
> I know that Emmanuel is on vacation, but when you get back I would be 
> very interested in update .project and .classpath files for this part 
> of the source tree.  I took a quick stab at performing this task 
> myself, but being new to the project I immediately got lost on the 
> interdependencies, so I ended up reverting to a revision before those 
> changes were put into place :-)
> Cheers,
> -Lyndon-
> On 11/2/05, *Lyndon Washington* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi Trustin,
>     I am not sure I tried that target, there was another eclipse maven
>     target that generated .project and .classpath files, but they were
>     very base and did not have the classpath entries based on the
>     maven repository jars.  I am actually intrigued by Emmanuel's
>     .classpath and .project that he sent me since he has a .project
>     and .classpath for all of the sub-projects within apacheds for
>     instance.
>     Anyway, I appreciate the amount of support that is already present
>     in the build environment for Eclipse, hopefully it can be kept
>     up-to-date with newer versions of jars.
>     Cheers,
>     -Lyndon-
>     On 11/1/05, *Trustin Lee* <
>     <>> wrote:
>         Hi Lyndon,
>         2005/11/2, Lyndon Washington <
>         <>>:
>             I have referred to the great notes on the wiki @
>    for setting up
>             the Eclipse environment to build the various pieces.  I
>             was wondering if someone had an up-to-date .classpath and
>             .project file that incorporated the latest jars from the
>             maven registry/repository.
>         I thought I modified so that anyone can
>         generate Eclipse project file by running 'maven
>         eclipse:eclipse'.  Was there any problem?
>         Trustin
>         -- 
>         what we call human nature is actually human habit
>         --
> <> 

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