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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: OSGi RoadMap
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 20:52:09 GMT
John E. Conlon wrote:
> How about Mina? How will Mina exist within an OSGi container?

Short answer, yes.  We have MINA as its own bundle.  The current MINA 
bundle registers MINA's SimpleServiceRegistry as the impl of registered 
interface ServiceRegistry.  A backing store bundle registers 
CoreContextFactory as the impl of the JNDI InitialContext Factory.  Then 
each of the protocol providers requires ServiceRegistry and 
InitialContextFactory, which the sole exception of NTP, which has no use 
for a backing store.  All protocol provider configuration uses the OSGi 
standard Config Admin service, which is itself backed with the 

And, as mentioned earlier, we have the JDK Prefs SPI backed be the JNDI 
provider, which will further get wrapped to provide the OSGi Preferences 

I also did a User Admin implementation a long time ago, but against 
Prevayler.  We plan to update that to also use the JNDI provider, which 
is a natural choice for storing users and authorization information.

Last, but not least, we've got the console 'load' command which 
implements Felix' command interface.


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