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From Van Nhu <>
Subject The Twix Codec for LDAP Controls
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2005 06:34:27 GMT
Hi all,

According to the RFC 2251, the "controlType" attribute
of an LDAP Control "...MUST be a UTF-8 encoded
dotted-decimal representation of an OBJECT IDENTIFIER
which uniquely identifies the control". Essentially,
this means that the "controlType" attribute is an
OCTET STRING and should be treated as such. 

However, the Twix ASN1 codec is treating this
attribute as an OBJECT IDENTIFIER. This results in
incorrect decoding/decoding of LDAP Controls.

I suggest that we change the type of the "controlType"
attribute of the org.apache.asn1new.ldap.pojo.Control
class from OID to LdapString to fix the problem. A
patch, which includes a test for exposing the problem
and validating the fix, is attached for your

With Regards,

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