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Subject Re: [mina] Refactoring MINA IoFilterChain (Was: IoFilters: DIRMINA-121 / 122)
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:40:39 GMT

don't be afraid, I am not going to propose a third possibility to this 
topic ;->

I just wanted you to know what we, basic users, do with filters. I think the
more use cases you have, the better.

We developed a server supporting two socket-based protocols (legacy one 
and new
one) on two separate ports. For specific reasons, we do not want than 400
simultaneous connections on the server. For this, both services need to 
share a
service-level filter counting sessions.

For the legacy protocol, some clients (with a specific SW release) 
forget an ACK
message. This can be detected in the server. For this, we need a service-level
filter that calls nextFilter.messageReceived with the missing message whereas
it has not really been received.

My 2 cts,


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