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From Kaspar L├╝thi <>
Subject Re: [mina] Added more methods to ByteBuffer.
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 20:28:21 GMT

Trustin Lee wrote:
> * getPascalString() and putPascalString() - now you can read and write one
> of the most popular string encoding in networking.

ehm, as far as i know and read, the length of a pascal string is normally
defined in a single byte, not two.

i mention this, because i have another formatting wating for a convenience
method :)
4 bytes with string length, then N bytes of string data, not null terminated,
but padded to an even byte boundary"

maybe you could overload the PascalString-methods with a parameter,
which defines the length (number of bytes) of the length-header?

the padding-thing might be to special to add to mina, but i wouldn't avoid
using it if it's there :) could be a second parameter with a boolean flag (i.e.


another thing i really missed with minas-ByteBuffer is the duplicate-method.

i adopted an existing project to mina (which was very straightforward and took
me less than a day, thank you), where i already did handle the data with

initially i wanted to convert all ByteBuffer to minas-ByteBuffer, but without
duplicate() i can't see how.

it's some kind of chat-server, so the server typically receives a message from a
user and forwards it to all members in the same chat-group.

that's where i thought, the duplicate()-method fits perfectly, since it does
not copy the data itself but only creates private limit/capacity/position for
the copy.

public void sendMessage(ByteBuffer buffer) {
	for (int i = 0; i < usersArray.length; i++) {

public void sendMessage(ByteBuffer buff) {

i actually don't have a big idea how the mina-ByteBuffer works, but i assume,
that session.write() does make a copy of the data, when wrapping the native

is this assumption correct?

if yes, it looks like unnecessary overhead. imagine writing one identical message
(ByteBuffer) to 40+ sessions, it also uses more memory then.

On 4/19/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> There were also some changes due to introduction of auto expand property:
> * duplicate(), slice(), asReadOnlyBuffer() is disappeared; I don't see
> any easy way to implement this functionality, and it is not used in
> most cases especially when all buffers are pooled.

i actually don't see the difficulty of implementing duplicate() - can't you just
increase the aquisition-counter in the pool, when duplicating?

ok, this might be naive (haven't used java between jdk1.2 and jdk1.5...), and
duplicate() is not necessary at all using the pooled mina-ByteBuffer. if this
is the
case, i would be glad, to have some short explanation why my assumptions are


the server i made using mina, is live since 2 weeks with 0.9 snapshot. we
serve about max. 600 concurrent users. haven't had any problem since. great
work guys. for me it means a big relief from my own NIO-related troubles.

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