yes, its a multi-valued RDN (both ou values must exist).


On 10/5/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:

Really great to see this!


2005/10/6, Alex Karasulu <>:
Stefan Zoerner wrote:

> Hi all!
> Just a little note to tell you that Softerra LDAP Administrator is now
> (version 3.2.1) able to detect Apache Directory Server.
> This is a corollary of fixing DIREVE-211 (thanks to Alex) and a
> suggestion I made to Softerra some weeks ago (thanks to Kirill for
> adding this one). See the release notes of the new version for details:

Very cool! Stefan thanks for making sure we worked with this client.  I
need to start playing with this tool.  It sounds like a good tool with
many features.


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