2005/10/17, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net>:
Trustin Lee wrote:

> Any more idea on resolving this issue?  Will I simply do what I've
> suggested before?
> Trustin
> 2005/10/7, Trustin Lee < trustin@gmail.com <mailto:trustin@gmail.com>>:
>     2005/10/6, Alex Karasulu < aok123@bellsouth.net
>     <mailto: aok123@bellsouth.net>>:
>> We could simply print warning log message that reminds users
>         to change
>> the password if it is still 'changeme'.  WDYT?
>         What's the difference between this state and what we have
>         now?  Sorry
>         can you remind me yet again :(.  I've already forgotten the
>         changes made.
>     We've changed ApacheDS initialize the system partition with the
>     admin password which were specified in the configuration.  That's
>     why an admin user identity is required to start ApacheDS at the
>     first time, and now our users don't seem to like this idea.
I agree let's just hardcode the inital admin password which can be
changed later by the admin.


Now the default password is 'secret' again.  the only difference is that it displays a warning message:


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