From Red5 in OSFlash team:

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From: Trustin Lee <>
Date: 2005. 10. 7 11:15
Subject: Re: Red5 project saying thanks to Mina
To: Luke Hubbard <>, Red5 <>

Hi Luke,

2005/10/6, Luke Hubbard ( <>:
We are using it for the network layer of Red5, an open source flash server. At the moment we have RTMP and AMF working and hope to add more protocols in the future. Mina's design and ease of use has helped us get a prototype up and running quickly. Soon we will need to look into more advanced features in Mina such of threading. Looking at the roadmap there are quite a few things planned which are of interest too us... especially the benchmark reports, overload prevention, and performance profiler :)

Your project looks very interesting and it is really great to hear that you had a good time with MINA implementing existing protocols rapidly. :)

We always appreciate your contribution to MINA of course!  What we really need is some great benchmark report that'll attract a lot of users or will lead us to profile MINA seriously.  We're stuck there seeking for the best way to test the performance for now.

We would welcome your input and advise on the red5 mailing list.
Likewise if we can do anything to help with Mina let us know.

OK.  I'll take a look at your implementation and give you feed back!

Thank you for using MINA, and please let me know whenever you have any difficulties using MINA.  We're always ready to listen to your opinion.

what we call human nature is actually human habit

what we call human nature is actually human habit