Hi Jose,

2005/10/6, Jose Alberto Fernandez <jalberto@cellectivity.com>:

We are evaluating the use of MINA as the server kernel for one of our projects.

Great.  Any questions and requests for support is OK.

I have been roaming around on the site and the code and have some questions.


1)       Are there any stress test numbers or profiling that has been done? I have not come across anything yet.

Not much yet.  Possibly you can provide some benchmark tests for us.  It is known than MINA can handle more than 30k clients at once AFAIK.

2)       I have been looking at the way things are done in MINA and in particular at the ServiceRegistry API and it seem that any filters that one sets up apply to all ports and protocols. So I could not have SSL setup on one port and no-SSL in another. Is this the case? One would think that one should be able to set-up such filtering in a Service by Service basis (i.e., http vs. https).

You can add filters to each session.  There is a method called 'getFilterChain()' in IoSession and ProtocolSession.

3)       While trying to understand (2) I noticed the following code in SimpleServiceRegistry:

219     private void startThreadPools()

220     {

221         if( !services.isEmpty() )

222             return;


224         ioThreadPoolFilter.start();

225         protocolThreadPoolFilter.start();

226     }



Is this correct? You only start the thread pools when there are no services? Looks odd.

It is correct because startThreadPools() is invoked whenever bind() is called().  Thread pools should be started only when it is the first bind.

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