Hi Alex,

2005/10/7, Alex Karasulu <aok123@bellsouth.net>:
T, can you massage some perms for me in the site area for MINA.  Looks
like you have some files out there with 644 perms that are preventing
other users from updating sitedocs.  I guess you updated your umask ...
these 644 perms must be left over from the old days.


BTW here's the list of files that need a chmod -R g+w.  All except for
the faq.html way at the bottom seem to be coming from the examples you
have with the sumup protocol:

I've run 'chmod -R g+w .' in 'network' directory.  I changed permissions of the files I have an ownership, but not for other files.  Please run 'chmod -R g+w' for the files you've got an ownership in case I deploy the side.

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