Not much more success there unfortunatly it complained that alot of classes were missing when I took the HEAD version in source repository.
I did start the 0.9 release successfully and this will probably suffice for me for the time beeing until the 0.9.X-branch can be made to work for more beginning users.

From: Stefan Zoerner []
Sent: den 20 oktober 2005 17:12
To: Apache Directory Developers List
Subject: Re: Newbe help - startup problems....

Hi Jesper,

Thanks for your interest in Apache Directory Server!

I was able to reproduce your error. There may be a better solution, but an easy way to start it in your situation is to use a configuration file.
In 0.9.2 configuration was changed to a spring based XML file. You can find an up to date example file "server.xml" in the subversion of the project here:

The current revision does not work with 0.9.2. But you can uses this one, it works fine (at least the error disappeared):*checkout*/directory/apacheds/trunk/main/server.xml?rev=240160

You start the server simply like this

java -jar apacheds-main-0.9.2.jar server.xml

The XML-file contains interesting parameters for you:
- username and password of the admin user
- port on which LDAP is listening (10389 per default)
- whether anonymous access is allowed (false per default) ...

Feel free to ask if the problem persists after using this server.xml file (we have to adjust the documentation anyway).

I hope that helps + Greetings from Hamburg,