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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Newbe help - startup problems....
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 12:18:49 GMT
Hi Jesper!

Jesper Söderlund wrote:

> yes that is the client Im was using.
> I downloaded the Jxplorer and i seed much more powerful, it had 
meaningful error messages if nothing else.

It is at least the best platform independent tool I know. Softerra LDAP 
Administrator is 1st choice in my commercial life, but it is Windows only 
and it is not free (but It is definitely worth the money from my point of 
view). Unfortunately, there are no Eclipse plug ins available yet which 
can keep up with these two.

> Anyway thanks for the enourmous patience with a newbe. It seemed to have 
been a problem with the "Base DN" setting when I used the LDAP 

This is what this list is for. User feedback allows us to improve the 
software. In this case it allows us to make it usable at all. Hence *we* 
have to say Thank you! As you might have noticed I have opened a JIRA task 
to keep the documentation up to date for the upcoming 0.9.3 release, Alex 
wrote about.
But this is just a first step in providing better user experience. Stay 

> Unfortunatly I can almost guarantee that I will call upon you expertise 
before long as I explore LDAP technology and explore it using Apache DS.

You are welcome. Many (most?) of our users seem to embed our server in 
their own solutions, or extend it with own partitions, interceptors and so 
on. So they have a totally different view than you. Our community will 
definitely benefit from people like you who use the LDAP server "off the 
shelf". Just drop an E-Mail if any problem arises. 

> Again, thanks!
> /Jesper

Greetings from Hamburg,
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