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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [mina] Traffic control patch proposal
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 08:07:21 GMT
Hi Niklas!

I'm sorry for this late reply first of all. I'm very busy preparing
ApacheCon PPT slides now. I'll get back to you soon after I'm done with this
painful slideworks.

And I forgot to mention thank you a lot! I'll definitely review it.


2005/10/20, Niklas Therning <>:
> Hi again,
> I've gone ahead with implementing suspend/read for nio transport. Please
> see the attached diff for my proposal on how traffic control could be
> implemented. This is just a patch for SocketIoProcessor which adds the
> ability to apply a mask to the interestOps of a SocketSessionImpl.
> Beware, I haven't tested it at all yet, it's only a proposal and maybe
> it doesn't work at all. I would like to have your feedback. Maybe you
> have a better idea for how to implement this? There might also be some
> fundamental things in mina which I havent understood correctly. Please
> let me know.
> One thing I'm not sure of is what happens to the readyOps if you change
> the interestOps during the same select-iteration? Will isReadable be
> false if I first mask out OP_READ in the interestOps right before
> processSessions() is called? If this isn't the case I guess my patch
> won't work without some changes.
> BTW, is this the preferred way of submitting patches or should I somehow
> attach it to the JIRA issue instead?
> Regards,
> Niklas Therning

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