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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject [mina][VOTE] Releasing MINA 0.8: The first stable release
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 09:49:27 GMT
Hi MINA advocates,

There has been no significant bugs found since we had released MINA 0.7.4.
After accepting subtle change requests and testing, I concluded that it's
now for us to release MINA 0.8, the first stable release and go forward with
0.9. Please feel free to look around the issues resolved since we released
0.7.4 here:

Summary of major changes:
* Fixed: Unexpected exception is sometimes thrown when
ProtocolViolationException is thrown.
* Documentation: FAQ and Testimonials
* Changed sessionIdle event to get fired periodically
* DemuxingProtocolHandler.(de)registerMessageType() method has been renamed
to (add|remove)MessageHandler().
* StartTLS can be implemented now. (but we cannot implement TLS closure yet.
This will be supported in 0.9)
* Fixed a couple of trivial bugs

[x] +1: Let's release 0.8.0.
[ ] 0: No opinion
[ ] -1: It shouldn't be released as 0.8.0 yet.

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