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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: BaseThreadPool question
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 00:26:20 GMT
Hi J-F,

2005/10/11, <>:
> I noticed in Worker.fetchBuffer that readySessionBuffers is 'cleaned'
> (removal
> of null or empty SessionBuffers) up to the first usable SessionBuffer.
> Is there a reason to stop cleaning?

It is not simple cleaning but fetching. A leader thread fetches one buffer,
gives up its leader position, and promoted one of other threads (followers)
to a leader. And the new leader will do the same. This is what's specified
in Douglas Schmidt's Leader-Followers thread pool pattern.

What do you think about separating the cleaning from the selection?
> We could first iterate and remove null or empty SessionBuffers, and then
> call an
> electBufferForProcessing method if the set is not empty.

We can do that, but why? Is there any benefit we can get doing so? There
will be a little performance penalty and you could simply reimplement the
code which checks null and emptiness.

Another approach would be to prevent null/empty SessionBuffer to be in
> readySessionBuffers. But I don't know how they reach the set.

I started thinking that it is safe to move this checking code to fireEvent
method. But I didn't test this idea yet. I'll let you know when the test is

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