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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Fwd: About Nabble
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 03:10:47 GMT
It would be great if we can use this forum to archive our mailing list
messages and let users post their messages there so that they are forwarded
to the forum automatically.



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From: Will Lin <>
Date: 2005. 10. 6 오전 8:22
Subject: About Nabble

This message is about a new forum project called Nabble. I write to
this list because I found that Nabble seems to have been banned from
all the Apache WS mailing lists.

One of Nabble's services is to archive public mailing lists to allow
better search and browsing. This searchable archive idea is not new,
but Nabble tries to improve upon the existing solutions.

Take Apache as an example. There are many sub divisions in Apache,
each division is a community in itself, and each division consists of
several sub projects, and each project has several mailing lists.

The existing archiver (mbox, MARC, Gmane, mail-archive) only provides
a flat list of archives. You can view or search each list, but you
cannot search, for example, the 6 lists in Axis project, or the 40
lists in Apache WS group, or the 300 lists in entire Apache community.
You basically need to visit each list individually.

Nabble offers a hierarchical archive organized according to the Apache
structure. Visit - you can
browse or search the entire community. Or, you can drill into each
division, for example, Apache Web Services, Jakarta, Cocoon ... to
browse and search each community, each project, each list.

Nabble is new and unknown. But as people discover it, they seem to
like it. See this recent thread from an Apache committer:

Nabble uses Apache Lucene for search. You can play with it and see
that we have a better search than the other searchable archives,
thanks to Apache Lucene.

To archive a list, Nabble will subscribe to a list using the email
address "". This is a common practice for all the
mailing list archives. Nabble subscribes to all Apache lists. What we
found out recently, is that we got dropped from all the lists in the
Apache WS group.

This is a bit disheartening, because WS lists seem to allow
third-party archiving and posting. Take for
example, it is archived on Gmane (also allows posting
from Gmane site to Axis list), <>
( Also, there is
a discussion about allowing third-party mirror here:

Could you please let us know why is Nabble not allowed to subscribe to
WS lists? And what the WS community would like Nabble to do? We would
love to hear the community's wishes and we will respect your demand.
Needless to say, if the community wants the Nabble mirror to be
deleted, we will do it right away.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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