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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: upgrading to nlog4j.1.2.17
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 08:59:48 GMT
At 06:25 AM 10/6/2005, Nick Faiz wrote:
>Hi Ceki,
>Thanks for the response. Were you able to replicate the error yourself?
>I'll have to test on IDEA 5.0. Unfortunately, I am currently pushed for 
>time and will have to follow your suggestions later on. I wanted to reply 
>to let you know that I had seen your response, though.
>I'm a little concerned over another log4j/slf4j conflict which a user 
>reported when trying to embed ApacheDS into a log4j dependent application 
>(see attachment). I'm going to put together a test project of some kind 
>which uses log4j and embeds ApacheDS to verify the existence of the 
>problem. I'll keep you updated about what I found out on this front.
>What kind of testing strategies have you followed to ensure that existing 
>applications, using log4j, continue to work when they use a library which 
>uses slf4j?

Hello Nick,

We have a test case, called Compatibility, (please refer to [1]) which
verifies that code compiled with log4j runs when NLOG4J is on the
class path. Methods known to suffer from compatibility re exercised by
this test. In case there was any doubt, code compiled against
log4j.jar runs fine when log4j.jar is replaces with nlog4j.jar on the
class path.

The test suite also reproduces a well known compatibility problem.
Code compiled against nlog4j.jar will not run with log4j.jar on the
class path.

NLOG4J should be considered as a new version of log4j. Code compiled
with the "old" version, e.g. log4j, will run fine with both the old
and the new version. However, code compiled with the new version,
i.e. NLOG4J, requires the new version and will not run with log4j, the
"old" version.

To summarize, nlog4j.jar can replace log4j.jar but the inverse does
not hold true.

Regarding the message "Problem embedding 0.92 ApacheDS" posted by Thom
Park, unless I am missing something obvious, it looks like that Thom
is using log4j.jar instead of nlog4j.jar. We have already established
that that won't work, for the simple reason that log4j does not offer
SLF4J support.

As a side note, Thom mentioned that he had followed the "instructions
in the doc for embedding ApacheDS". Which doc is that? I could not
find it, but admittedly I did not search for long.

Nick, would you concur with the above assessment?



Ceki Gülcü

   The complete log4j manual:

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