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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject Re: [naming] Enable Remote JNDI Access
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 18:01:27 GMT
Jeremy Whitlock wrote:

> Phil,
> I want to use ApacheDS but it does not store binary data right now due 
> to a bug and its not scheduled to be fixed for a few weeks. Basically, 
> I want to have a lightweight directory for storing MBean/References in 
> the directory so that I can use JNDI to get to them easily. This 
> approach is similar to what Geronimo does with it's MBeans and what 
> Weblogic does with it's MBeans. That being said, I do know that 
> ApacheDS is the directory used in Geronimo so I don't know why it 
> would work for them but not for me but that is the information I got 
> from #directory-dev on freenode, the same people that told me to 
> contact you. Ideally, I would like to have the lightweight provider in 
> [naming] but have it networkable. It would be nice not to have the 
> overhead of LDAP but I can go that route if needed. Thanks for getting 
> back to me and for sharing your ideas.


I think there is a confusion, Directory is embedded into Geronimo only 
for authentication matters as a service.
AFAIK it does nothing else but implements the server lifecycle 
start/stop and access to it is done via the ldap login module

The jndi provider used in Geronimo to bind objects (just like tomcat, 
the famous environment context java:comp/env ) is a different beast.
It is the 'naming' module (in Geronimo, not in Directory) and uses RMI 
for remote access.
It might not be a good option for you to take this code as well because 
it depends on a couple of classes on the Geronimo Kernel and Service 

my 0.02€


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