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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Newbe help - startup problems....
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 20:39:16 GMT
Hi Jesper!

Nice to hear that who have not give up.

Jesper Söderlund wrote:
> Ok, I'll go for the 0.9.3 snapshot.
> _

> <>

> +
> _ 
> apacheds-main-0.9.3-SNAPSHOT.jar

I grepped the same files just to be sure we ar soeaking about the same 
thing. I have not modified the XML-File.

> When I launched the directory server it just had a minor complaint about 
> the logging system:
> D:\programfiles\apache\apacheds-0.9.2>java -jar 
> apacheds-main-0.9.3-SNAPSHOT.jar server3.xml
> log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger 
> (org.apache.ldap.server.ServerMain).
> log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
> Then nothing more.

I have the same behaviour, which comes from a misconfiguration of 
logging. But should able to connect to the server, nevertheless. So am I.

> When I tried to connect to the server it could not (I'm using LDAP 
> Browser/editor v2.8.2).

I was successfull with JXplorer, Softerra and a command line client from 
Tivoli Directory Server, I do not think the problem has something to do 
with the LDAP Browser/editor. I will try that browser out later, as well 
- I have not installed it here.

If you like to browse and edit LDAP directories with GUI clients, 
JXplorer is may be something for you. It is pure Java and Open Source

If you only want to browse the structure and are working an a windows 
box, Softerra LDAP Browser is also a good option:
The browser is free, with the (commercial) version (LDAP Administrator) 
you would also be able to add and modify entrie, and so on (but you can 
use JXplorer for that, as well).

But as I told you, it is quit uncommonn, that is has something to do 
with your client.

> I checked that the property "ldapPort" on the 
> org.apache.ldap.server.configuration.MutableServerStartupConfiguration 
> was correct with what my client used.

If you use the configuration mentioned above, there is maybe one 
obstacle: Anonymous access is disabled by default. So in order to 
connect to the server, you have to bind with a user.

You may use:
User: uid=admin,ou=system
Pwd: secret (by default, you should change that)
Your LDAP Browser should offer parameter for these values

Another option would be to enable anonymous access within your server.xml:

<property name="allowAnonymousAccess"><value>true</value></property>

If this is not the problem, can you describe your "can not connect" 
problem in more detail? Does your client tell you something? Do you see 
a stack trace?

> The 0.9.0 release printed a short message that the server was 
> successfully started when it was done. Is that still expected from the 
> 0.9.3 release?

As Emmanuel told you, it depends on the logging configuration. We should 
definitly get better in end user experience. Currently I write an 
tutorial for people like you. Stay tuned, your feedback will be very 
valuable for me!

> Rgds,
> /Jesper

Greetings from Hamburg,

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