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From Niklas Therning <>
Subject [mina] Traffic control
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:20:05 GMT

We're considering using MINA to replace our custom NIO abstraction
layer. MINA seems to be a great piece of software. The only feature
we're missing before we would be able to make the switch is support for
traffic control. I would like to help out implementing this.

I've checked out the code and had a look and I think I understand most
of it (so far I've only had a look through the NIO transport classes and
the common interfaces). Do you have any thoughts at all (except for
issue DIRMINA-2) how this should be implemented? Should
suspend/resume/Read/Write be filtered just like SocketSession.write() or
could they be implemented simply by calling SocketIoProcessor directly
just like IoSession.close() does? If the latter is enough we could add
new queues for suspend/resume and follow the same pattern used in
removeSession and addSession. WDYT?

I would also like to help out with Spring integration. I have had a lot
of experience using Spring and I already have a few ideas.

Niklas Therning

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