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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Separating base unittest classes (Was: Re: svn commit: r307398)
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:29:11 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:

> 2005/10/12, Alex Karasulu < 
> <>>:
>     Trustin Lee wrote:
>     > The essential problem in our project is that our tests are not unit
>     > tests.  If we're doing unit tests, we don't need to start up the
>     whole
>     > ApacheDS everytime we test each classes.  But we're doing so by
>     some
>     > reason and the tests takes too much time.  Ideally we should change
>     > all of them to unit tests strictly speaking.
>     You're right these are more *integration* tests and not simple unit
>     tests.  Again correctness is not always the most sensible approach in
>     our present not so perfect situation :).
>     It's very hard to unit test these interceptors properly though because
>     many presume access to the core.  I see how you performed unit
>     tests on
>     the ACI code but I think this was a special case.  Without a
>     harness you
>     cannot really test an interceptor.
> Once we implement in-memory DirectoryPartition (formerly 
> ContextPArtition) implementation, then we can implement mock 
> NextInterceptor very easily which is the hardest part.  Nothing is 
> different in this case.
>     So what you're suggesting is we move these tests to an apacheds test
>     project?  Hmmm ... That would mean we don't have to create the extra
>     maven projects since there would be no dep in core and in main for
>     these
>     abstract testcases.  I like the sound of this, but it raises some
>     concerns for me. I kind of like the fact that nothing deploys unless
>     those tests pass even though it takes a long time for them to run.
> Yes. But this doesn't necessarily mean that we have to run integration 
> test for *every* test case just like now.  We can create a single 
> integration test that tries to launch ApacheDS with full set of 
> interceptors and to test basic LDAP operations.  If the core still has 
> some issues, then it's a bug of our test code primarily so I cannot 
> believe the integration test helps us to test individual interceptors.

I don't know what you're talking about now.   Sorry I'm lost.


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