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Subject Re: [Mina] Best to have prioritary messages
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 07:01:21 GMT
> Hi Jean-Fran├žois,
> 2005/10/11, Jean-Fran├žois Daune <>:
>> I face a tough problem. My server application needs to prioritize some
>> messages.
>> I mean that when a message of type X is received, it should be processed
>> before any other ones.
>> Actually, the best would be that a message X whose 'age' is higher than
>> S seconds should be promoted as first one to process.
>> In a way, it is QoS at message-handling level.
>> What is the best way in Mina to implement this?
> Yes, implementing a filter is the best solution as others noticed. Possibly
> you'll have to implement your own ThreadPoolFilter or modify existing one.
> BTW thanks for your good idea of QoS. :)
> Trustin
> --
> what we call human nature is actually human habit
> --

I probably must clarify my need.

Let's consider 100 opened sessions. On each session, if a message of type X is
received, I want it to be processed before Y seconds.

I don't want to reorder messages received per session.

Instead, when my server 'elects' the next session for processing, I want it to
first promote the sessions having a message X older than (Y-Z) seconds.

I have checked BaseThreadPool, and if I understand well, I would need 
to change
'fetchBuffer' so that it first chooses SessionBuffer containing such message.

Is that correct?

I am not sure as the difference between readySessionBuffers and
busySessionBuffers does not appear clearly to me (why is a BufferSession added
to busySessionBuffers in fireEvent?)



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