2005/9/1, Julien Vermillard <jvermillard@archean.fr>:
> Any possible solutions?  I've not opened a JIRA issue as yet coz I
> wanted to make sure that this cant be handled by the application and
> has to be done in MINA.

A solution whould be to install the filter, then send the ACK of the SSL
installation to the client by by-passing the "just installed" SSL
filter, I'm not sure it's possible. Without that you will need to tweak
a delay before the client start the SSL handshaking for avoiding the
receptino of the first SSL bytes before the IoHandler being ready :( I
think it should go to JIRA no ? Installing a filter should lock the
processing of incoming/outgoing buffers ?

Sounds like a good quick-fix. But how can we bypass?  We'll have to make SSLFilter can detect ACK data and bypass it, but I think ACK data can be different among implementations.  So we need other way to bypass it.

Let me think....

We could create a wrapped ByteBuffer whose type is 'SSLBypassByteBuffer' so that SSLFilter can bypass it.  WDYT?

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