2005/9/1, Vinod Panicker <vinod.p@gmail.com>:
The race condition occurs when the client sends the SSL handshake even
before the SSLFilter is implemented on the connection.  This data is
sent to the IoHandler and causes all sorts of problems.  Ultimately
the session is in limbo - it has to be closed.

I see.  

Any possible solutions?  I've not opened a JIRA issue as yet coz I
wanted to make sure that this cant be handled by the application and
has to be done in MINA.

Please take a look at DIRMINA-2.  It defines some traffic control methods that will help you to resolve this issue.  It is not implemented yet, possibly you could contribute!  ;)

I really want to focus to MINA, but I don't have much time really these days though I want to release 0.8 and 0.9 ASAP.

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