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From Norbet Reilly <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DIREVE-265) delegating binds to custom partitions
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 04:02:49 GMT
Hi Trustin,
 My interest in creating the patch is a custom partition that proxies to an
external LDAP server. Hence I want to use the proxied server's
authentication if the DN presented to the bind() matches the proxy
partition's suffix and otherwise authenticate against ApacheDS's user store.
 Note that the custom proxy partition additionally has some credentials
stored locally, which it uses to discover the remote LDAP schema and add
matching entries to the GlobalRegistries at server start-up time. Hence the
intention behind the patch is to allow access to the remote proxy partition
without having to duplicate all of its users inside ApacheDS.
 Having said that, the only reason that I touched the interceptor code was
by necessity as ContextPartition was impacted by the addition of the bind()
method (and wanted to dispatch to it using the ContextPartitionNexus). I'm
not that familiar with the code yet, so please let me know if I changed more
then I needed to.
 As I've mentioned to Alex in a previous posting; I'd imagine that
ultimately the core server might delegate a number of services to custom
partitions (authentication, schema (rather then a single top-level static
schema have one under each partition that has its own) etc). Hence although
I know this patch is only a small isolated step in that direction, it may be
useful to anyone else implementing a proxying custom partition.

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